UAS Certification


An essential requirement for the wider implementation of UAS is the ability to meet regulatory airworthiness standards.

Bringing certified UAS, motors and components to market will be a game changer and establish the leading positions for forward thinking developers.

With our experience in regulatory affairs, and our understanding of current and proposed regulations, we are able help UAS manufacturers and developers with planning and implementation of a workable certification strategy.

We help you by providing:

  • Analysis of your potential requirements for certification
  • Producing a certification plan including resourcing, time-scales, risks and milestones
  • Development and implementation of Part 21 Design and Production organisation approvals where this is required
  • Establishing which standards, certification specifications or special conditions will be right for your UAS or UAS component
  • Establishing test plans and procedures
  • Filling gaps in key post holder capabilities
Speech marks

“Across Safety has provided excellent value for us when we’ve needed external support the most. Thanks to their specialist knowledge and expertise in obtaining unmanned aircraft regulatory approvals, Skyports has been able to secure BVLOS operational authorisation from the UK CAA to deploy our delivery drones for the NHS in the Scotland as part of the response to COVID-19, including becoming the first drone operator in the UK to be granted permission by the CAA to carry dangerous goods by unmanned aircraft. We cannot recommend Across Safety enough and they will continue to be our go-to unmanned aviation consultants in the future.”

CEO, Skyfarer, UK

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